Aroma is a family business, 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

Experienced and professional

At the heart of Aroma NZ Ltd are three generations of the Winters family. Founded by RJ Winters in 1961, the company is now managed by his son and grandson, Ben G Winters and Ben S Winters, managing director and director respectively.

We source and refine green-lipped mussels from our own farms in the Marlborough Sounds. We also source other marine and land products to produce a range of high-quality nutritional supplements.

We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our worldwide client base, all of whom value our personal and experienced approach.

Specialist and innovative

The Winters family arrived in New Zealand from Holland in the 1950s, with expertise in distilling essential oils for the perfume industry.

We established Aroma and diversified into health supplements, fuelled by strong international demand for New Zealand’s uniquely beneficial green-lipped mussels. Since then, the company has led the industry by investing in research and development into extraction technology, such as super-critical fluid extraction, establishing state-of-the-art facilities to optimise the retention of delicate nutrients.

To ensure stable supply channels, the company also owns mussel farms in the Marlborough Sounds, adjacent to its refining centre.

Going for the triple!

This is the third generation of the Winters family to bring energy and passion to the business. We combine our love of sailing and the outdoors with our drive to innovate and provide high-quality products to customers around the world. We will remain the market-leader by continuing to invest in our team, our equipment and our future.

Ben and his wife Liz are blessed to have a wonderful set of triplets as the next generation waiting in the wings, so the future is clearly bright for our industrious and entrepreneurial New Zealand family.

Our mission and philosophy

Providing functional benefits to thousands of consumers around the world is what drives us.
All our raw materials are strictly selected and processed to minimise degradation of micronutrients to ensure that we harness the healing power of New Zealand and share it with the world.

Research and innovation

Aroma believes in change, constantly improving processes to enable us to exceed expectations.
Since 1961, Aroma has been a driving force in nutraceuticals, using cutting-edge equipment and the most appropriate processes to unlock every trace of potential from our raw materials.

Standards compliance

Aroma NZ Ltd is licensed by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority for export to Europe and USA.
Compliance with standards is administered by official government inspectors from New Zealand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) who inspect the premises and monitor the processing operations on a continuing basis.

New Zealand through and through

Kind, strong, respectful, hospitable, and with a deep care for the environment – these traits are at the heart of Māori culture and ingrained within all New Zealanders. Our isolated and sparsely populated South Pacific islands are inhabited by people with an innate connection to the land and sea. Our secluded, pristine environment, surrounded by deep, pure waters combine with our innovative, proactive and sensitive approach to agriculture and marine produce, making our country ideal for growing seafood.

Compliance matters

Aroma NZ Ltd is licensed by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) for export to Europe, Australia, Japan, China, Canada and the USA, and all incoming raw materials are strictly selected to ensure only the highest quality produce is used in our production. Aroma holds Fish Export Licence No. 167 and Fish Processing Premises Licence No PH35, which attest that the company adheres strictly to the standards laid down by the Fish Exporting Licensing Regulations 1982 and the Fish Export Premises Regulations 1995. Compliance with the standards is administered by official government inspectors from New Zealand’s MPI, who inspect the premises and monitor the processing operations on a continuing basis. The government-issued export certificate accompanying each export consignment certifies that the product has at all times been handled and processed in accordance with the regulations.

Results that speak for themselves…

Several clinical studies have been carried out with the University of Queensland on our GlycOmega-PLUS green lipped mussel powder, concluding the efficacy of our product in reducing joint inflammation and improving mobility for patients with osteoarthritis.
I have found that by using the green-shell mussel capsules, the pain that I had lived with in my right knee was reduced significantly to a level where I could get better sleep and do more activities than when I commenced the trial.
Trial participant #1
Green-lipped mussel extract certainly worked for me. In the eight weeks I was taking it I noticed a great improvement in my knees. At the end of eight weeks my knees were almost completely pain-free and I would recommend green shell mussel to anyone with knee pain.
Trial participant #2
I definitely noticed a difference taking the green shell mussel. I was actually able to play with my three year old daughter without pain and stiffness in my knees which was wonderful. But when I stopped taking the green shell mussel (at the completion of the trial) the pain and stiffness returned within a few weeks.
Trial participant #3
A key contributor to the results [of the trial] was the quality and purity of the stabilised mussel from Aroma NZ and the extract’s preservation of therapeutic activity.
Luis Vitetta and Samantha Coulson, primary clinical investigators, University of Queensland
I started using Greenshell Mussel oil after an old sports injury flared up again and have noticed a far quicker response with rehab this time. Now my ankle is in tip top shape again, a result that wouldn’t have been possible so quickly without the good oil. Thanks!
Dave, Dunedin