60 Years of Aroma

2021 marks sixty years in business for Aroma NZ Ltd. Over the years, we have built a company where the family values of partnerships, integrity and innovation have been central to what we do and how we do it. Here's our story.

In 1958, R.J. Winters and his family arrived in New Zealand from Rotterdam with experience in distilling oils for the perfume industry. A few years later in 1961, Aroma NZ Ltd. was established, with the family producing flavourings and essences for the soft drink industry. That’s where the name “Aroma” came from.

In these early days, Aroma would create malt extract and supply Griffin’s biscuits with the sticky layer between Shrewsbury biscuits. For a while, we grew garlic and had an assembly line producing equestrian helmets – showing our true innovation and ability to adapt to the needs of the market.

In 1993, Ben S. Winters (Ben Junior) joined the family-led business, helping out with general enquiries and picking up tasks where needed. 1995 was a pivotal year for Aroma when we received a fax request from a good customer asking for mussel powder.

We originally had our mussels from Marlborough freeze dried in Invercargill and shipped back to Christchurch for packaging. But in the early 2000’s, the Invercargill company shut down their freeze-drying division and we bought the equipment for our Christchurch Warehouses.

Business was booming and we began to attend various global trade shows. These enabled us to form the strong partnerships with companies and clients all around the world that we still maintain today.

The major 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Christchurch in 2011 casued serious damage to our factories. Luckily, we had sufficient stocks of powder in inventory to keep exporting for the next 8 weeks while repairs took place.

The next few years bought massive growth for Aroma. In 2012, we purchased our first Mussel Farm in the Marlborough Sounds and our first Mussel vessel “Brightstar”. 

We saw Ben Junior's brother-in-law, John Gallagher join the team as General Manager. Then the following year, Aroma Aquaculture Ltd. was established in Havelock and marine farming management was appointed to help with on-and-off water operations.

Nutreats and Lifespan

As growth continued, we purchased 2 new buildings on Senior Place to accommodate a finished products warehouse and a new office for our administration team.

We also had a New Mussel oil CO2 (Super critical fluid extraction) plant commissioned, which is now operating at site 3.

In 2019, we purchased 2 new vessels “Gladiator” and “Juliet” and then then launched our new Mussel Harvester “Kakara”. This State-of-the-art boat has a 90T harvesting capacity, which significantly improved our productivity. Aroma now owns, leases and manages up to 40 farms throughout the Marlborough sounds.

With the global pandemic COVID-19 disrupting usual business practices and travel restrictions put in place for New Zealand citizens, this was the first time in twenty years that we were not able to attend trade-shows. However, we were classified as an essential business so were able to keep producing at reduced levels.

As lockdowns in New Zealand eased and business operations started to return to normal, Aroma purchased Moffatts Flower Company. This gave us a great opportunity to expand our product range, as we were able to make use of the land to plant 15,000 dahlia flowers for a new botanical extract that aims to reduce blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.

As 2020 came to a close, we purchased the Biolane brand and client list from Vitaco. Biolane was the original GLM brand in New Zealand and was largely promoted by the former Professor John Croft whom put GLME on the map with his world-wide educational talks about the benefits of GLME.

This year, we have installed a new milling and powder-blending facility at site 5, which will allow us to...

Thanks For Your Support

We'd like to thank all of our loyal clients, partners, and staff for the support of our family-run business over the past sixty years. With an increased knowledge around the importance of healthcare products, the future is looking bright. We are excited to continue benefiting many lives of humans and animals with our growing product range.