Abalone Powder

Abalone powder nourishes and strengthens the body and is highly valued for enhancing liver function. It is a rich natural source of energy and promotes overall health and stamina. Abalone contains a range of important minerals and vitamins.

What are the benefits of Abalone Powder (ABA-Active™)?

Abalone Powder Beneficial to the heart, contains fish oils W-3 and W-9 and promotes circulation

Abalone Powder Rich in glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) omega-3 fatty acid

Abalone Powder Anti-inflammatory activity tested/verified by NZ Plant and Food Research

Abalone Powder A good source of energy and can promote sexual function

Abalone Powder Can help to prevent anemia

Abalone Powder Rich in vitamins A, E, and selenium, helping to reduce harm caused by eating oxidised food and excessive alcohol

Abalone Powder Extract