Collagen Powder

Marine collagen powder contains polysaccharides, vitamins and essential sea minerals. Therefore, it provides incredible moisturising and skin-firming benefits. In the vein, it helps the healing and structure of the body’s connective tissue. Aroma's Marine Collagen Powder is sustainably harvested from the pristine coastal waters of New Zealand.

What are the benefits of Marine Collagen Powder (RevitaCOL™) for people and pets?

Marine Collagen Powder Increases bone strength and prevents bone loss

Marine Collagen Powder Supports growth of healthy hair and strong nails

Marine Collagen Powder Helps to relieve joint pain

Marine Collagen Powder Supports mobility

Marine Collagen Powder Protects against oxidative skin damage

Marine Collagen Powder Improved skin elasticity and moisture

Marine Collagen Powder