General Questions

Because we're always innovating to bring you the latest, most beneficial products, our range is often changing. We currently offer:

·        Green-lipped mussel powder

·        Green-lipped mussel oil

·        Oyster Powder

·        Fish cartilage powder

·        Marine Collagen Powder

·        Abalone powder

Yes. We have invested in purchasing and developing our own marine farms to become vertically integrated. This ensures a stable supply of consistently high-quality raw materials.

Yes. Our products are tested by an independent accredited laboratory ensuring that all test results are applicable for every production batch, which confirms that they are safe for consumption. All incoming supplies are from EU and USA licensed premises. Compliance with regulations enables us to export worldwide including to Canada, USA, EU and China.

Flash-drying allows for increased temperatures to be used and ensures the finished product is always of the highest quality. This process allows Aroma to produce GlycOmega™ Green-lipped mussel powder within 5 minutes, but still ensuring all of the bioactive proteins and Omega-3 lipids are retained.

Find out more about our extraction technologies here.

Yes – we do not add anything to our products. They are simply dried or extracted to create the natural formula, which is then sent to you to add what you like. Our high-tech extraction technologies give us confidence that all of the delicate nutrients are optimised in the final product.

Green-lipped Mussels

Green lipped mussel extract is rich in Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS), which help to improve joint mobility and comfort. It is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), meaning there are fewer adverse side effects than traditional pain-killers. View the full benefits of green lipped mussel extract.

GAG molecules are ideal for a lubricating fluid in the joints. In addition, they can provide structural integrity to cells and passageways between cells, allowing for cell migration 5.

GAG's that have relevance to connective tissue are:

- Chondroitin 4 sulphate

- Chondroitin 6 sulphate

- Keratan Sulphate

- Dermatan Sulphate

- Hyaluronic Acid

Yes - the power of green-lipped mussels has been clinically trialed and tested by various researchers. If you would like access to our clinical studies please contact us.

Green-lipped mussel powder and oil is suitable for both people and animals. Our ingredients are specifically great for adding into supplements or formulas that reduce joint pain in people, dogs, cats, and horses. Find out more about the benefits of green-lipped mussel for animals.

While Aroma only specializes in the production of raw material ingredients, there are many pet treat brands that focus on green-lipped mussel products for dogs. A trusted New Zealand brand that uses Aroma’s green lipped mussel ingredients is Nutreats NZ. They specialize in green-lipped mussel powder and oil supplements for cats and dogs.

New Zealand green-lipped mussel powder is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). This means that there are fewer adverse side effects than traditional pain-killers for joint pain. However, some side effects such as abdominal pain may occur if consumed in large quantities. Therefore it is safest to stick to the consumption guidelines.