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Aroma supplies superior quality New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel powder and Green Lipped Mussel Oil as well as other marine extracts, such as Marine Collagen and Oyster.

We sustainably grow and extract our natural ingredients and export in bulk to world-leading healthcare- and nutraceutical companies all over the world. Our Marine powders, extracts and Green Lipped Mussel Oil are used in capsules, tablets and powder blends and our ever-evolving extraction technologies allow us to unlock every trace of potential.
Pure marine supplements are of great benefit to support a healthy lifestyle, joint health, respiratory health and many other benefits.

New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel powder is the foundation of several natural joint care products scientifically researched and developed by Biolane™.

The first Green-Lipped Mussel product in the marketplace, Biolane™ is clinically proven to help reduce joint pain in patients with osteoarthritis. Biolane™'s previous owner Vitaco, together with Marine Scientist John Croft, extensively researched the effectiveness of Biolane™.
Clinical trials have demonstrated positive effects on pain, inflammation and joint stiffness in both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in humans, horses and dogs.
Research shows that Biolane™ has significant MMP-inhibiting activity, fighting against arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

'The Essence of Aroma'

How did Aroma become a world-wide bulk supplier of sustainably harvested raw marine materials?

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Don't just take our word for it ...

We are also a family-owned business and that means trust. You’re not working with a huge company. The fact that Aroma is also a family owned business makes them very approachable.

I trust the guys from Aroma one hundred percent. We always find a way to work together and to fix the best prices. We have open and honest communication. That’s why Aroma has been a trusted and long term partner.

We use Aroma ingredients in our supplements and we have received a huge amount of positive feedback from happy dog owners. Improvement of mobility and flexibility is definitely at the top of the list.

As a company that supplies supplements containing your ingredients we regularly get reports on how consumers' joint health and mobility have improved, sometimes drastically.

We use the ingredients so we can either make functional or technical claims, they’re in there to serve a particular purpose.

If we market our products as a New Zealand origin, we get a premium on them.

It’s not just about the product. It’s about the people behind it.

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