New Zealand Made

A New Zealand company in heart and soul, Aroma sustainably grows and harvests some of the best natural ingredients in the world, treating our natural environment with the respect it deserves.

The pristine environment combined with the innovative approach to marine life, make New Zealand ideal for growing marine species like New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel, Oyster and Abalone.

Only found in New Zealand waters, the Green-Lipped Mussel is cultivated for the global food- and nutraceutical industries for both humans and animals and we supply our powder and oil in bulk.

Our mussel oil is obtained by a special solvent-free process, creating a highly purified marine-lipid extract.

With growing research and development capabilities, Aroma is determined to explore further benefits that come from marine life and other natural superfoods. We work closely with New Zealand Government agencies to uncover ingredients for Dietary supplements.

Adhering to strict national environmental standards for marine aquaculture, it is of utmost importance to remain at the top of game, keeping a watchful eye on environmental impact, sustainability and efficiency.

Aroma works closely with New Zealand Government agencies. This is all done while keeping a watchful eye on environmental impact and efficiency.

Fish powders used in Dietary supplements for Human and Pet product manufacturing