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Fish Cartilage Powder (BIO-Active™)

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Bio-Active™ is a fish cartilage powder that protects the natural balance of bone, joint and limb tissues by providing a natural safeguard against inflammation and stress. It's produced using a unique process method developed by Industrial Research and The Wellington School of Medicine. The patented process maximises biological activity.

Bio-Active™ Fish Cartilage Powder now offers more than double the anti-angiogenesis activity of standard fish cartilage powders on today’s market. These properties prevent new blood vessel growth. 

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Buy fish cartilage powder in bulk

BIO-Active™ comes in the format of powder, which can be used in capsules, tablets, soft chews, and powder blends. 

Suitable for humans and animals.

Minimum order quantity of 25kg.

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Benefits of BIO-Active™

Protect the natural balance of bone, joint and limb tissues

Contains natural chondroitin sulphate, which boosts anti-inflammatory activity

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Can rebuild and repair inflamed, damaged, joints and connective tissue

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