About Us

Aroma utilises natural New Zealand ingredients to create nutritional supplements that are sold around the world. 

We do all of this because we believe life is for living. We believe in creating memories with the people and animals we love. Without your help, we could not reach as many people and animals with our transformative products. Supplying bulk, raw materials has given us the greatest possibility to disperse our ingredients across various industries and countries.

Our processes and people allow us to provide you with these revolutionary ingredients. Since 1961, we have been using cutting-edge equipment and technology that places us one step ahead of others in the industry. Our ever-evolving extraction technologies allow us to unlock every trace of potential from our raw materials, which you can pass on to your consumers.

60 years ago, when RJ Winters started Aroma, he set out to build a company where the family values of partnerships, integrity and doing the right thing for the long term were central to what they did and how they did it. We still stand by these values and our customers won’t hesitate to tell you so.

Ben G. Winters

Managing Director

Ben G. Winters (Ben Senior) is our Managing Director. He started the business with his late father in 1961, where they made essences and flavourings for the soft drink and malt extract industry. That’s where the name “Aroma” came from. Years later, they looked at the mussel industry and have been producing it ever since.

Ben S. Winters


Ben S. Winters (Ben Junior) is our Company Director. He looks after Marketing, New Product Development, Innovation, and Relationship Management. Junior has been with the company for nearly 25 years and has seen the company evolve to meet growing market demands.

John Gallagher

General Manger

John joined Aroma in 2015 as our General Manager. He overseas day-to-day functions of the business such as developing and implementing growth strategies, managing budgets, and shaping the work environment.

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New Zealand
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The pristine environment combined with the innovative approach to marine-life, make New Zealand ideal for growing seafood.
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